Investment //


What I want you to know///

Hello friends!

If you have made it this far you have hopefully connected with my work and want to know if we are a good fit, and I want to tell you that hiring a photographer to be there for your special moments is an investment…. and you should connect with that person because photography is so personal. I say that because I do not simply show up the day of to take your photo and then you never hear from me again. From the moment we sign that contract together I will be there for you, collaborating with you, offering you advice. The day of I will be there to keep you calm, hopefully make you laugh, fix your hair, and do everything in my power to capture the most beautiful moments for you. After I have sent you your photos I will keep in touch with you because as you will find out we will go through things together in the best way and we will be bonded! Most of my clients become friends and I pride myself on making people comfortable in front of the my camera so you can really be yourself…. The photos I deliver to you will be your heirlooms that you will treasure over the years. Once the party is over, or the moment has passed you will have your photos to remind you how beautiful your life is! Your photos are a large part of your memories. My goal is to not only photograph one event for you but to be the photographer you call on while your family and life grows. I love documenting these real and candid moments in your life through my eyes and I take so much pride and honor of doing so!