Meet Jaclyn //


I have my bachelors degree from Brooks Institute of Photography.

Road trips are one of my favorite past times.

I have a huge appreciation for "the good ole days" and convey that by photographing vintage cars, collecting vinyl records, and purchasing instant film on the regular. Infact you can find my vintage car finds on instagram at #ibreakforvintagecars

I am very close to my family and many of them are some of my best friends.

I am a California Native but dream about moving to Paris one day, I studied there briefly and loved it.

Before I knew I wanted to make photography my career I was working on getting my psychology degree and feel like that has helped me understand and communicate with my clients. 

I have been traveling to Maui ever since I was a little girl, my uncle lives there and I would love to travel there for work more often (Hawaii based brides contact me!)

I love photography because it pushes me to be more extroverted and use my sensitivity and creativity in one whole package. 


Photo by Max Tepper